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All of the braces and appliances needed for treatment are manufactured individually at our specialist orthodontic laboratory in Dietikon. Our laboratory operates based on digital processes, and most appliances are processed and 3D printed in-house using digital technology.

Your individual braces

We can make your braces in your favourite colour. Please see below for some examples, but don’t worry if you can’t find one you like: if you bring your design to us, we’ll make it a reality. We can make the following braces for you at our specialist laboratory in Dietikon (Zurich):

transfer trays for indirect gluing of fixed braces, model simulation of the planned orthodontic treatment, various orthodontic plates and appliances, e.g. activators (monoblock, Teuscher activator, etc.), bionators, Frankel appliances, Clark twin blocks, implant-supported anchoring and movement mechanisms, e.g. ITI® palatal implants, Benefit® system, Dual Top® system, OrthoLox® system, pendulum appliances, Herbst appliances, expansion appliances, e.g. DPL, hybrid DPL, GNE, splints for treating clicking of the mandibular joint and myoarthropathies, e.g. Michigan splints, ITI splints and bite guard splints, various aligners made using the deep drawing process, bleaching splints, custom gumshields for sports, retention plates and splints, retainers made of a wide range of materials, model simulation of a planned surgical intervention and the manufacturing of the surgical splint, etc.

Your cooperation is essential

The patient’s cooperation during treatment is a key factor in the success of orthodontic therapy. For a removable orthodontic appliance to have the desired effect, it should be worn consistently as directed by the orthodontist.

We work with the patient to develop a treatment and wearing plan that takes account, wherever possible, of their individual needs and of factors that make it difficult for them to wear the braces. For example, these factors include term times, school holidays, sporting activities, playing a musical instrument, etc.

We work with the ‘TheraMon’ module to ensure that both we and the patient have an overview of wearing times. This module is incorporated into the braces and keeps a reliable record of wearing time, providing us with the certainty that the treatment is being implemented gently and efficiently.

For treatment involving headgear, we generally use the smartgear headgear spring module, which records both the applied tension and the wearing time. We ensure that the forces acting on the tissue are not too high, and that treatment is provided with an optimum distribution of force over time. This allows us to deliver a gentle orthodontic effect and shorter treatment times.

Choose your favourite colour

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