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A winning smile for children, adolescents and adults.

Our services

  • Orthodontic diagnosis and clarification of the need for treatment, clarification of the service obligation and assumption of costs under an invalidity insurance (IV) or compulsory health insurance policy
  • Early treatment/space maintenance following premature loss of milk teeth or traumatic tooth loss, management of tooth eruption, measures to support speech therapy in the event of an open bite
  • Correction of crossbites
  • Functional orthodontic treatment with removable appliances (bionator/activator/twin block/monoblock/shield therapy, etc.)
  • Fixed orthodontic treatment:with classic brackets
    • with ceramic brackets (white, aesthetic brackets)
    • with self-ligating brackets (Speed System™, Damon System™, InOvation™ system)
    • with custom brackets using computer-assisted manufacturing (Insignia™ system)
    • fixed anchoring systems (treatment with palatal implants, mini screws, fixed distalisation mechanisms)
  • Invisible braces:
    • aligner treatment: Invisalign®, Orthocaps® and OrthoFolio®
    • lingual brackets (braces attached on the inside): Incognito® and WIN™
  • Treatment of adults for improved aesthetic and functional positioning of teeth
  • Treatment of adults who need a combination of orthodontic care and oral surgery
  • Treatment of adults who need prior orthodontic treatment as the basis for optimum denture fitting
  • Long-term orthodontic aftercare: correction of small changes following the completion of orthodontic treatment (‘relapses’). Aftercare and maintenance of fixed, bonded retainers.
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