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Dental sleep medicine

Are snoring, microsleeps or grinding your teeth at night a taboo subject for you? Then you’ve come to the right place!

With many years of experience and research in this area, we’re well-versed in dental ‘snoring’ and sleep medicine – so you can put your faith in us. We’ll help you enjoy restful nights and healthy sleep. KFO Suisse has close links with local sleep laboratories and ear, nose and throat specialists.

What’s so bad about grinding your teeth?

Night-time teeth grinding and jaw clenching lead to increased wear and can cause permanent damage to the teeth in serious, long-term cases. They are often accompanied by muscle tension in the chewing muscles or neck area, migraine-like headaches and diseases of the jaw joint. We can remedy this using special, custom-made bite guards in combination with other supporting measures.

What should I expect?

  1. We first discuss your needs with you in detail in order to reach a sound diagnosis. A plastic splint is worn during sleep in order to bring the lower jaw forwards, thereby opening up the airway and keeping it clear during sleep. These splints are used to treat habitual snoring and mild to moderate forms of obstructive sleep apnoea, which is often the primary cause of so-called ‘microsleeps’.
  2. We prepare your individual splint without the need for surgery or lengthy courses of treatment and free you of your snoring problem.

What is a snore guard?

Snore guards are made of special dental materials and rely on patented manufacturing techniques. We have our snore guards manufactured exclusively in specialist laboratories in Switzerland, Germany, France and England.

The guards are easy to use and comfortable to wear, and ensure healthy and relaxed breathing. For the efficient treatment of snoring, we only use guards whose long-term effectiveness has been scientifically proven, such as SomnoDent®, NAVAL® by ResMed, Somnowell® or TAP®.


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