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Do you suffer from dental anxiety? We make visits to the dentist a relaxed experience.

Do you get a familiar uneasy feeling before you visit the dentist? Do you struggle to sleep, feel nervous or suffer from sweating and a racing heartbeat the night before treatment? Do you suffer from extreme anxiety or even a genuine phobia of dentists?

Now is the time to forget about all of your negative experiences with dentists in the past. Our staff are mindful of your specific circumstances at all times – so you can put your faith in us. We do everything we can to make your visit to the practice as pleasant as possible. We welcome you to a relaxed and friendly environment. We take care of your individual and emotional needs. As part of these efforts, we use a wide range of relaxation techniques. Contact us in advance: we’ll be delighted to provide you with some useful tips so that you can prepare for your visit to the practice while you’re still at home.

Enjoy your treatment in a state of deep relaxation with our ‘dental hypnosis’. Professor Rose is trained in dental hypnotherapy (www.hypnodent.net). You remain alert, relaxed and fully perceptive throughout treatment and able to intervene at any time. However, hypnosis only works if you want and allow it to. Neither the relaxation techniques nor the hypnosis can be performed without your willing participation. This also applies to children and adolescents, who usually respond particularly well to hypnosis. However, even here, the possibilities are subject to individual limitations.

Dental hypnosis is successfully used at the practice:

  • for general relaxation during any type of treatment
  • to treat patients with anxiety or a phobia
  • for the stress-free treatment of children, especially in the case of minor surgical procedures
  • to suppress problems with the gag reflex, e.g. while taking impressions
  • to reduce or eliminate the need for anaesthetics/painkillers.
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