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Custom-made gumshields for sports

The safe gumshield for all types of sports.

Why do I need one?

Dental injuries during sporting activities are becoming more common, and the front teeth are particularly at risk. Effective protection is available in the form of a customised gumshield made from soft plastic in a dental laboratory. We produce your personal gumshield in our laboratory, perfectly matching it to your teeth so that it doesn’t move and allows you to breathe freely and, after a brief adjustment period, speak ‘normally’. A gumshield provides your teeth with comfortable and professional protection during both low-risk sports, such as football, cycling, rollerblading or snowboarding, and high-risk sports, such as hockey, karate or rugby. Numerous colours are available to choose from.

Custom gumshields

Depending on the risk of accident associated with the respective sport, we select the gumshield from four different varieties: heavy pro, medium, light pro and light.

During orthodontic treatment with fixed braces in adolescents, we use a soft, adaptable gumshield that can be adjusted to the changing position of their teeth. It is therefore possible to use a gumshield even during treatment.


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